Breeches Bouy

After a break for Thanksgiving, we continued our journey with Paddle today.  Paddle has been journeying for many months now and Winter has set it again. Paddle has reached the Eastern shore of Lake Superior and encounters a shipwreck.

Along with Paddle, Froggy and I learned a great deal about lighthouses, shipwrecks and historical rescues.  Her narration of the chapter was hysterical as she acted out the action-packed story.  Paddle encountered a freighter that breaks apart due to ice accumulation on its sides.  As the ship starts to break apart, it limps to shore and finally sights a lighthouse.  
A rescue boat comes from the lighthouse, rowing out to the distressed freighter. The rescue boat throws a cable to the ship then high-tails it back to shore pulling the line tight.  This cable is then used with a breeches bouy to help the sailors into shore. 

Froggy asked about a breeches bouy.  We tried to find a picture of one in use or a just set up but we could not.  We did find some neat stories about their use and the sailors rescued with them. 


  1. Thank you so much for linking to the History and Geography Meme. We are working on Paddle-to-the-Sea, too! Narrations can be great fun, can't they?


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