Menu Planning Monday - 12 Kislev 5772

First the wrapup.  We have friends over yesterday for an afternoon of board games.  I made several new recipes all of which were a hit.  First is whipped sweet potatoes.  Abba decreed they do not take the place of mashed potatoes but everyone else liked them better.  Froggy ate three helpings and she never eats potatoes of any kind.
 The second was Roasted Cauliflower & Delica Squash with Baby Spinach.  Froggy did not try it but the other children liked it and ate lots of "white broccoli".  I am not a big cauliflower fan and I loved it. 
The final recipes are two desserts.  Chocolate Mint Sandwich cookies which are decadent.  Because they are a sandwich cookie, it is important to make the cookie balls small or the final product ends up too big.  And Mini Chocolate Tiramisu Cakes.  They were so super easy to make and turned out absolutely elegant.  I topped them with some shaved chocolate to make them look extra special.  I used coolwhip as the recipe calls for but if you can get the Rich's Whip Cream then they can be made parve.

Now for this week's menu.  This week I am out of the house more nights than I am hope including Shabbat which means it is not much of a menu.

Monday - Both parents out at meetings - Froggy with the sitter, - Mac and Cheese (I typically leave this for her with a sitter because it is a favorite and not something we share with her so not a typical dinner)
Tuesday - Turkey Noodle Soup and Biscuits
Wednesday - Tofu Stirfry and rice
Thursday - Mommy out - Pasta and salad and garlic bread. 
Shabbat - Out at a Friend's house.  I am bringing Challah


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