It's Gone!!

Froggy lost her very first tooth after dinner tonight.  She was starting to clear the table and pushed it with her tongue and it just fell out into her hand. 

Here is Froggy's letter to the tooth Fairy.

Dear Tooth Fairy

I have lost my very first tooth today.  It came out like a minute ago.  I touched my tooth and it just came out.  I caught it in my hand luckily so my two dogs didn’t eat it.  I am so happy that I lost my very first tooth.

 Froggy dictated as I typed.  We printed it out, tucked the tooth inside the letter and sealed it all up in an envelope to go under her pillow tonight.  The tooth fairy will take away letter and exchange it for a letter of her own along with a gold dollar coin and a bit of fairy dust (glitter). 


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