Week In Review

This past week was our first week officially doing Second Grade.It was a short work with with two days off for Rosh HaShana.

It was a challenging week.  Not only was Froggy adjusting to a full schedule of coursework but the whole family is adjusting to Ima being on complete bedrest.

Limudi Chodesh
  Being in the midst of this special holy season inspires Froggy and she is particularly attentive to her Religious studies.  She did better on her Chumash flashcards than I did.  She invented a new game for practicing Ivrit which is probably more effective than those I had come up with thus far.  On the advice of some great mom's, I ordered a Scope and Sequence guide from Torah Umesorah as well as our next Chumash workbook and a Tefillah workbook.  I am eagarly awaiting their arrival.  There really is no rush since we are unlikely to finish our current book before the end of the school year.

Limudi Kol 
Froggy is thrilled with all her new school books this year.  Burgess was her favorite last year. While she likes the new Burgess book at least as much as she did last year, it is still not her favorite because she loves Understood Betsy even more.   Froggy really struggled with her independent work (Math and Printing) this week.  These both are usually done in the car as we travel to our activities.  That is not possible now with Ima homebound and I think that contributed to the problem.  It is all part of the adjusting.  I suspect that by time we adjust, we will have a whole new set of circumstances to adjust to.

 These are challenging with Ima unable to drive and Abba still needing to work.  We cut back dramatically on our scheduled extracurriculars this semester in anticipation of this problem.  They are mostly scheduled for the late afternoon/evening so Abba can take her without interrupting work too badly.  She loves swimming.  I am not sure how much she is learning but anything is better than nothing.  PE is not what I expected when I signed her up but it is getting her exercise and she is enjoying it.  I am very grateful for her 4H program.  It cannot completely replace the nature studies we did last year but it provides her at least some of that opportunity.


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