And Off I Go

Sunday morning bright and early I will head to Baltimore for my first ever Jewish Homeschool conference.  Daddy and Froggy are going to spend the day together at the amusement park while I get to go be in my element. 

There are lots of panels and I have finally chosen which ones I will attend (mostly)
  • Laying a Foundation: Homeschooling the Young Family
  • Nuts and Bolts of Homeschooling: Getting Started
  • The Marvelous Midos Machine – Your Home
  • Children in a Homeschool Environment: Socially Deprived OR Selectively Engaged?
There are two session blocks where I still cannot decide.
I still need to pick between

  •  “Choosing to Homeschool: A second generation perspective”  or ” The Monster in the Mind: Acknowledging and Dealing with Burnout”
  •  “Homeschooled Teen Girls Share – panel discussion or “Jewish Community and Homeschooling in the Internet Age:  Creating Connections, Networks, and Friends”

   There is going to be a vendor fair where I am hoping to choose the curriculum for our Limudei Kodesh.  The choices here are where I struggle the most because I cannot judge them online effectively at all.  The other subjects I can talk to other moms that use them and maybe even see the resource in person.  But for these texts all I have is the online information and I am very excited about being able to see them in person. 

As a super bonus, I get to have dinner after the conference with Adventures in Mamaland before she needs to return to the cold North Country.  


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