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Mock Seder

Sunday before Pesach, Froggy's choir put on a mock seder for the preschool crowd.  Abba took Froggy while I stayed home and cleaned. I know better than to try to share all but here are a couple of highlights. Poor Froggy's frog hat is too big and keeps sliding down over her face. I love the mad dash to open the door for Elijah

Matchy Match

Froggy finally finished the dress for her doll.  She even hemmed it.  This was much more ambitious a project than originally intended but it taught some truly valuable lessons.  Froggy followed through and was able to experience real pride in her accomplishment.  I did not require her to do the hem. She chose to because she wanted it to be "right" for her doll. 

Menu Planning Monday - Pesach

Tonight is the first seder.  We are hosting a few friends for a relatively small seder.  Froggy will be the only child present.

1st Seder - Veggies and guacamole, hard boiled eggs, gefilte fish loaf, Matza ball soup, brisket, glazed carrots, roasted asparagus, potato kugel (from a mix), store bought dessert.
2nd Seder - we are guests.  I am bringing this charoset, quinoa pilaf and a store bought dessert 
Wednesday -lamb chops, mashed potatoes and salad
Thursday - Oven Fried Chicken,  French fried potatoes, Broccoli
Shabbat - Matza, Gefilte Fish Loaf, more matza ball soup, Apricot Chicken, Carrot and Raisin Salad, Butternut Squash with Baby Spinach, Store Bought Dessert.

Ready for Pesach

Froggy is modeling her new Pesach dress.  I started it much later than usual and really debated not making it at all but I am really glad I did.  She is so happy with it and it suits her.  I have never made a jacket before and I am very very pleased with how it turned out. 

Way to go Abba!

Abba has been taking a Hebrew class at shul.  They have finally mastered some of the basic prayers.  In celebration, Rabbi took them into the sanctuary and opened the Torah to give them a chance to actually read from it. This is his very first time. They are reading the first paragraph of the Shema.

Menu Planning Monday - 29 Adar

Monday - Tofu Stirfry, Rice and Keem
Tuesday - picnic dinner - Crackers, tuna fish, carrots sticks and apple slices
Wednesday - Birthday Dinner - Salmon, rice, broccoli, cake and parve icecream
Thursday - Science Night - Leftover buffet for the Abba and kidlet
Shabbat - Challah, Gefilte Fish Loaf, Minnestrone Soup, salad(what kind?), herb chicken, green beans, butternut squash,Chocolate Almond Pastry

Molasses cookies
 Apple Breakfast Bread

Menu Planning Monday - 22 Adar

Monday - Pizza and Salad
Tuesday -deli sandwiches
Wednesday - Pulled Chicken, corn and peas
Thursday - BFD Pumpkin pancakes and scrambled eggs.
Shabbat - Challah, TriColor Gefilte Fish, Chicken Noodle Soup, Apricot Chicken, green beans, roasted red potatoes,cucumber salad, blueberry crisp

Baking - banana muffins, raspberry chocolate chip bars,


I am late in posting this but I wanted to share our Purim fun. 
 All week prior, we baked hamentashen and filled Mishlach Manot.  We made appoximately 20 mishlach manot this year. 
We went to our shul for Havdalah and the Megillah reading.  The theme this year was Disney and there were some amazing costumes.  Abba wore his Pooh Bear costume and Froggy went as Silvermist.  I even got in costume as Haman. The Megillah reading at our shul an raucous affair.  This year they created humourous synopses in English for each chapter which were shown between chapters.

 Froggy and the other Kehillah Tefillah kids made the synopses for the final chapter 

Froggy's chorus put on a Purim speil for a local shul as well as an assisted living facility.  Froggy is the youngest and newest member of the group.  As such, she has only a tiny part but she did a great job with it.