I am late in posting this but I wanted to share our Purim fun. 
 All week prior, we baked hamentashen and filled Mishlach Manot.  We made appoximately 20 mishlach manot this year. 
We went to our shul for Havdalah and the Megillah reading.  The theme this year was Disney and there were some amazing costumes.  Abba wore his Pooh Bear costume and Froggy went as Silvermist.  I even got in costume as Haman. The Megillah reading at our shul an raucous affair.  This year they created humourous synopses in English for each chapter which were shown between chapters.

 Froggy and the other Kehillah Tefillah kids made the synopses for the final chapter 

Froggy's chorus put on a Purim speil for a local shul as well as an assisted living facility.  Froggy is the youngest and newest member of the group.  As such, she has only a tiny part but she did a great job with it. 


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