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This year we went on a bluebell hike with friends who joined us on our first ever bluebell hike.  That was probably four years ago maybe more.  Two of her kids did not even exist on the initial hike. It was a very very bittersweet hike.  I was too engrossed in the hike and the company to take many pictures.    The bluebells were spectacular this year because we went early enough.  I need to remember that this needs to be right after Cherry Blossoms.
 I want to know what this flower is and my google skill is failing me.  It is a wildflower and as the picture shows it is very low to the ground.  There are fields of them and they come up all around the bluebells after peak.
And this is my treasure of the day.  The two girls were inseparable the entire hike. 

Good Deeds Day

Our Girl Scout Troop participated in the Jewish Federations Good Deeds Day.   We made paper flowers for a local nursing home to brighten their seder table.   We also made fortune tellers to take to the local Pediatric wing.  All the "fortunes" were good wishes and bright thoughts for the children.  Making these catchers was far more difficult than we imagined.  My coleader and I remembered them fondly from our youth.  I am not sure our girls are going to have fond memories of them.  Precision is not their high point.   But they were very proud of their completed designs.

Glue Batik

Froggy has needed a new big girl apron for some time now.  Part of her costume for Purim was a plain white bakers apron.

After Purim, we decided to liven it up a bit before introducing it to regular wear. Enter our first ever attempt at Glue Batik.  We found a tutorial here.  It looked easy enough and we had all the supplies.  The hardest part was finding the acrylic paint amidst all the washable paints.

First we drew our designs on the apron.  Froggy knew she wanted a fairy theme but picking the fairy and getting the right design in the right size was a very challenging but fun project for her.  I traced each of the designs onto the apron for her using my light box.
  Once the designs were in place she added the glue.  I reminded her to start at the top and work towards then left.  She did it all herself.  We let the glue dry overnight and then set to painting. She did all the details first, let those dry completely then added the background.  I wish I had taken a picture of that par…