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Happy Adoption Day

After a rocky, roller coaster three months, Little Bit is not officially, legally part of our family forever! She has been part our family in our hearts from the moment she was born.  Now she is part of our family in the eyes of the law as well. 


I am not sure if it is being a big sister, part of turning 10 or just time but Froggy has suddenly gotten more mature.  As a part of that, she decided to get her ears pierced!
 She was extremely brave during the process and been really responsible about caring for them.

Three months - sort of

Little Bit is officially three months old today.  Sort of.  But really she is a brand new baby only two weeks old.  She is 8lbs and 19 inches.  She eats and sleeps and has very brief awake phases.  She has beautiful hair that is just long enough now to fuzz and feels delicious when you rub her head.

She has been part of our lives for three months but she has only been home for roughly two weeks which helps remind us (if not the rest of the world) that she really is just a brand new baby.

But now that she is really supposed to be here ( ie full-term) she is doing so much better.  She still has major reflux and still needs oxygen support. But we are adjusting.  We figured out the wrap and she loves being worn.  She can be more upright which helps the reflux and she breathes more calmly and easily being worn.  And it also means I can keep life functioning at least somewhat.

Fairy House Jack O' Lantern

For ages I have been collecting ideas for how Froggy and I can make natural invitations to play.  Today we finally acted on one of those ideas.  We took one of the gourds from our still life painting and turned it into an amazing Jack O'Lantern.  Kitchen Counter Chronicles supplied the idea and instructions.  Froggy supplied the creativity and labor. 

I think it turned out awesome.  And as a bonus, we roasted the seeds and had a yummy snack.

Pumpkin Still Life

Froggy loves art and is always happy when doing an art project.  Yet she does not often choose on her own to create.  One of the benefits of the enforced slow-down that Little Bit is my willingness to provide artistic opportunities for us to do together.  Because it really does need to be together.  If I put out the supplies, 50/50 odds she will choose to partake.  However, if I suggest we do a project together, 95% chance, she will happily participate.

Today, we did Pumpkin Still Life paintings inspired by Buggy and Buddy. I explained to Froggy what a still life is.  She was stymied by the idea of trying to draw something 3D in 2D.  I explained that was the challenge and offered some techniques other artists employ.  Then we started.

She chose a interesting composition for her piece and was pleased with the reults. Froggy's is the one on the right.


Little Bit has only been part of our family for a very short time but she has changed our lives in big ways. She has helped me become a better parent not just to her but to Froggy as well.  Two months in the NICU forced me to slow down.  Even now that we are home Little Bit is not allowed out of the house except for doctor's visits so we are still moving at a slower pace.  The enforced slow-down has been an amazing lesson in patience.  This new found patience has made me a better parent to both my girls.