Three months - sort of

Little Bit is officially three months old today.  Sort of.  But really she is a brand new baby only two weeks old.  She is 8lbs and 19 inches.  She eats and sleeps and has very brief awake phases.  She has beautiful hair that is just long enough now to fuzz and feels delicious when you rub her head.

She has been part of our lives for three months but she has only been home for roughly two weeks which helps remind us (if not the rest of the world) that she really is just a brand new baby.

But now that she is really supposed to be here ( ie full-term) she is doing so much better.  She still has major reflux and still needs oxygen support. But we are adjusting.  We figured out the wrap and she loves being worn.  She can be more upright which helps the reflux and she breathes more calmly and easily being worn.  And it also means I can keep life functioning at least somewhat.


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