WFMW - Sewing Machine

What works for me this week is my sewing machine. I am in love with my sewing machine. I have missed it. I have been so busy with my classwork that I have not pulled it out since I finished Froggy's Halloween costume.

This week has been a return to normalacy and for me normalcy means sewing. I finished finding my craft room on Monday. So yesterday I sewed. I made a skirt for me testing out a new pattern. The pattern is basic and easy with very little fitting. It is not the most flattering of patterns but it supposed to be a plain backdrop for embellishments. I may add a bit of shaping so it is not so full through the hips when I make it again with the embellishments.

As soon as the weather dries out, I can go outside and spread out and sandwich together the baby quilts I need to finish up for the new arrivals that are almost here.

Come see what works for others at Rocks In My Dryer


  1. I rediscovered my sewing machine yesterday and stayed up until 1 a.m. sewing on a work night!

  2. I love my sewing machine too. Can't imagine life without it. :)

  3. I love to sew. I spent most of the last few months sewing gifts for Christmas, as well as my own top for the holidays. Now I want to start my spring wardrobe! I don't know what I'll make, except that I'll probably adapt patterns I already have...and one of the colors I use will be pink.
    I hope you show a photo of the skirt you made. I bet it's nice!


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