Tadpoles II

Our tadpoles are still alive despite some very dubious care.  We went to check on them and found that one had sprouted teeny tiny legs.  It was amazing how tiny the legs were, so tiny that at first I thought it was a smudge of dirt clinging to him.

Froggy suggested we document the moment in our journals.  So we did.  It was lots of fun watching Froggy making multicolored tadpoles.
Continuing our Frog theme, we completed a fun worksheet from Adventures in Mamaland about the life cycle of the Frog.  Froggy was thrilled with the opportunity to learn the Hebrew names for her current passion. 
To tie everything together we made Froggy's pride and joy - a poster of the life cycle. 
 I drew the shapes which Froggy cut out.
  Then she pasted them next to the appropriate label I had written.
 Then she decorated them.  Complete with googly eyes because "googly eyes make everything better."


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