Sometimes it is nice not to be the teacher.  On Wednesday, we visited a friend's house to get tadpoles from the pond behind her house. 

 She started by helping the children see the tadpoles swimming in the pond.

Then in the blink of an eye she scooped out a jar full of wonderful wriggling tadpoles.
She also brought out a spawn (egg sac) for the children to touch an examine. With delicate careful finger she was able to separate a few eggs off from the spawn to place into each family's jar.

We took our jar home and built a habitat for our new friends.  

To learn how best to care for them as they grow, we read  From Tadpole to Frog and Tadpoles. Froggy is very excited about watching them grow.  She checks them morning and night.  The egg sac has disappeared and the tadpoles are getting visibly bigger.  We are feeding them fish food.


  1. This is very neat! I've never been brave enough to try frogs.

  2. Wow how cool you got to take some home

  3. We just released our new frogs and built a frog habitat in the garden this week. We really enjoyed watching them transform before our eyes. Stopping by from Science Sunday:)


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