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The Boston Massacre

This year we are studying Colonial Times through the Revolution.  This week's topic was the Boston Massacre.  We read the overview and then Abigail's perspective and then played the neatest game.  It's purpose is to compare the different images and accounts of event in order to determine what actually happened.  the whole family played together and we all learned something.
Did you know there are several different artistic renderings  showing different perspectives of the event?  I certainly did not. This engraving by Paul Revere is the one we all know and recognize.  It is almost the only one anyone knows.   While this image, more accurately depicts the events according to the eyewitness testimony. 
It is interesting that the actual witness testimony recorded during the trial shows a very different version of the events than I was ever taught in school.

Swimming with Ben

One of our special people this year is Benjamin Franklin.  After struggling through Poor Richard's Almanac and hearing about his life in his language, I decided we need to do more to make these wonderful inventions come alive.  So I ordered
Amazing BEN FRANKLIN Inventions: You Can Build Yourself  .  It is a great book which gives some background on how and why Benjamin Franklin invented the items he did and then offers a wide variety of ideas to try out.  Our first adventure was making swim paddles because young Ben loved the water and swimming.  He wanted to go faster so he invented both hand paddles and fins. Froggy has yet to test hers out because winter is not the best time for heading to the pool.

Civil War Battles

We really are focusing on the Revolutionary War but our area is covered in Civil War battle fields so there is always some Civil War history going on. Despite the cold, we and a group of friends walked Bull Run battlefield.  They have a great Visitors Center with an interactive map that shows the progression of the battle and how the terrain was used by both sides.

Science Sunday - Bouncy Balls

Doesn't that headline sound awesome?  Don't they look like fun?  Froggy and I certainly thought so.  We had all the requisite supplies so we jumped in.  .    We have made lots and lots of batches of slime. And this looked and felt identical. Tons of fun but not what we expected. The only difference between their "recipe" and standard slime is the addition of cornstarch. It is supposed to make the slime dry enough make a good firm ball. The slime did dry out some after we refrigerated it but it still went splat rather than bounced

Linking to All Things Beautiful Science Sunday Meme

Snow Day

It finally snowed a decent amount.  The first time all winter.  It was probably on 4" or so but it was enough that Abba even got to stay home.  We all went sledding at our favorite sledding hill  And even with my hurt foot I went down too.  Part of what makes this hill great is that it has different paths of steepness depending on how brave you are.  Froggy finally worked up the courage to go down the fast hill.
And no snow day would be complete without riding the plow hills

Mardi Gras!!

In honor of Mardi Gras, this week's baking adventure was a King Cake to share with our friends from Louisiana.  We chose a traditional recipe with a cinnamon nut filling. When Froggy asked why,  I explained that this was a fun holiday that is popular in Lousiana where Aunt P grew up.  Froggy commented that it looked like they were trying to copy Purim. I replied that many people see the similarities.

Valentines Day

Many Observant families won't celebrate Valentines day but we do. To me it is a secular holiday about friendship and love  At least that is what I tell Froggy.  This year it was all about homemade.   Abba and I do not usually give each other presents But I could not resist.  While helping Froggy get the materials for her string heart, I got inspired and needed to make this one.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of Froggy's before she gave it to her friend.
We also scrapbooked a fun card for Abba And made cut out heart cookies with red and pink sprinkles.

Tu B'Svhat

For the first time in a long time, we invited friends over and made a fun seder.  The whole family worked together to make a fun centerpiece.

We used a fun guide as the basis for our seder.  And had tons of fun sings songs and doing crafts.  We made bird feeder necklaces (currently decorating the centerpiece) and planted seeds.  I put out a variety and let everyone pick their own favorite.  Froggy and I picked the standard parsley but we also planted date pits as well.  They have not sprouted yet but we are tending them faithfully.