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Menu Planning Monday - Sick

I am sick and the thought of food is repulsive.  Unfortunately when you are in charge of other people that does not really matter and you need to still feed them. 

Monday - Goodbye dinner for Aunt F
Tuesday - picnic at shul - tuna fish, crackers, cheese sticks, carrots and hummus and clementines
Wednesday -pizza(we still have sauce) and salad, start brisket
Thursday - fish ala jenn rice, keen snap peas
Shabbat Dinner - Challah, Gefilte Fish loaf, pasta faguli, asian slaw, Wednesday brisket, roasted broccoli, baked sweet potatoes,
Shabbat Luncheon - out
Seudah Slishit - hummus and veggie tray, tuna salad, asain slaw, challah and the same desserts.
Desserts/baked goods - banana bread, mocha crinkles,

Cherry Blossom Part 2

Since our first trip to the Cherry Blossom festival lacked actual blossoms, we took advantage of the arrival of grandparents to try again. Going back with the grandparents turned out to be an even better idea than I realized when I had it.  They had never been and had always wanted to go.  Score me!
An interesting fact about cherry trees, they blossom all over not just on branches.  Froggy had fun finding blossoms in unusual places. Her favorite part was the weeping Cherry trees right down by the Potomac. Being covered in blossoms makes for a happy Froggy. The grandparents thought is was great as well

Menu Planning Monday

We have a little visitor with us this week who takes lots of attention which may leave me little time to cook. 
Keeping that in mind I am planning as simple a menu as I can while still being healthy.  We are also running around to lots of appointments which makes menu planning even trickier.  I am firm in my commitment though not to resort to eating out .

Monday - Fish sticks, peas and mashed cauliflower
Tuesday - Picnic at Shul - tuna fish and crackers, carrots sticks and strawberries for dessert
Wednesday - Chicken Tika Masala (simmer sauce) Naan, some green veggie whatever looks good in the store.
Thursday -Pulled Chicken (in freezer), roasted broccoli, and tatortots.
Shabbat Dinner- Challah, gefilte fish loaf (in freezer), chicken noodle soup, corn, black bean and avocado salsalita (new recipe), herb roasted chicken, snap peas
Shabbat Lunch - Out
Shabbat Seudah - Veggies and hummus, cheese tray, crackers, same salads as dinner
Desserts - Molasses Cookies, Smores bars, same coffe…

Cherry Blossoms Part 1

We planned our annual trip to the Cherry Blossom Festival for one day before the predicted peak bloom.  I was worried because last year we went towards the end of the festival and all the blossoms were well past prime.  This year nothing had bloomed yet. I felt bad because we took friends with us who had never been before It all turned out wonderfully though because everyone was in good spirits and just wanted to have fun together.  Since the trees were not calling to us with their beauty, we turned the opposite direction from where we walk normally and explored more of the festival activities.  The girls got to pretend to be the mascot of the festival.  I have no idea what his name is but he is on everything.
They got to help make a friendship mural with children from Japan.   Each girl add her own special piece of art work to the mural. The rangers are taking pictures of each section of the mural and sending them to Japan to be put on their mural as well as putting pictures of th…

Gold Award

Thinking Day was back in February.  But Abba just discovered these pictures on his phone.  Froggy and her friend C. were invited to help with a very special ceremony.  Two of the girls in the Jewish Ambassador troop were being honored for completing their Gold award.  The leaders of this troop have run a troop for observant girls since the girls first started as Daisies.  Their littlests are now Juniors bridging to Cadettes this year.  Froggy and C. were honored to participate and be the new torch bearers showing that there still are observant girls in Girl Scouts.


One of our Chol HaMoad trips was to the zoo with Aunt B and E..  One of the best things about going to a familiar place with new people is seeing it in a whole new light.  E. very much wanted to see the snakes and alligators so we all went into the reptile house, a place we never visit.  We got to see some very colorful frogs as well as some strange snakes.   The most special treat of the day was watching the panda bear eat his treat.   We decided to have our snack with the panda It was a surprising cold day but everyone bundled up and ran around and a great time was had by all.

Shabbat Menu

Gefilte Fish Loaf
Minnestrone Soup
Strawberry Spinach Salad
Orange Glazed Chicken
Green Beans
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Homemade Gummi Worms / hearts
Chocolate Covered Carmels
M&M Cookies

Kiddush is out

Veggies and Hummus
Cheese and Crackers
Salmon Salad
Same Desserts 

Post Pesach - Finishing out the Week

Pesach is over. Vacation is over.  It has been tons of fun but it is time to get back to work.  And part of that work is making a menu for rest of the week. After a week of no bread

Wednesday - Pasta, sauce, garlic bread, salad
Thursday - Chili, chips and salad
Shabbat -
Dinner - Challah, Mandu, Miso Soup, Salmon, Asian Slaw, Corn Salad, Rice, Keem, Strawberry Shortcake Sushi.
Luncheon - out
Seudah - Leftover salads, Mock Sushi (with tortillas) of cream cheese, smoked salmon, cheese slices and romaine. Chocolate Chip Cookies,