Menu Planning Monday - Sick

I am sick and the thought of food is repulsive.  Unfortunately when you are in charge of other people that does not really matter and you need to still feed them. 

Monday - Goodbye dinner for Aunt F
Tuesday - picnic at shul - tuna fish, crackers, cheese sticks, carrots and hummus and clementines
Wednesday -pizza(we still have sauce) and salad, start brisket
Thursday - fish ala jenn rice, keen snap peas
Shabbat Dinner - Challah, Gefilte Fish loaf, pasta faguli, asian slaw, Wednesday brisket, roasted broccoli, baked sweet potatoes,
Shabbat Luncheon - out
Seudah Slishit - hummus and veggie tray, tuna salad, asain slaw, challah and the same desserts.
Desserts/baked goods - banana bread, mocha crinkles,


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