Menu Planning Monday

We have a little visitor with us this week who takes lots of attention which may leave me little time to cook. 
Keeping that in mind I am planning as simple a menu as I can while still being healthy.  We are also running around to lots of appointments which makes menu planning even trickier.  I am firm in my commitment though not to resort to eating out .

Monday - Fish sticks, peas and mashed cauliflower
Tuesday - Picnic at Shul - tuna fish and crackers, carrots sticks and strawberries for dessert
Wednesday - Chicken Tika Masala (simmer sauce) Naan, some green veggie whatever looks good in the store.
Thursday -Pulled Chicken (in freezer), roasted broccoli, and tatortots.
Shabbat Dinner- Challah, gefilte fish loaf (in freezer), chicken noodle soup, corn, black bean and avocado salsalita (new recipe), herb roasted chicken, snap peas
Shabbat Lunch - Out
Shabbat Seudah - Veggies and hummus, cheese tray, crackers, same salads as dinner
Desserts - Molasses Cookies, Smores bars, same coffee cake as last week because it is easy and I can.


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