Pumpkin Still Life

 Froggy loves art and is always happy when doing an art project.  Yet she does not often choose on her own to create.  One of the benefits of the enforced slow-down that Little Bit is my willingness to provide artistic opportunities for us to do together.  Because it really does need to be together.  If I put out the supplies, 50/50 odds she will choose to partake.  However, if I suggest we do a project together, 95% chance, she will happily participate.

Today, we did Pumpkin Still Life paintings inspired by Buggy and Buddy. I explained to Froggy what a still life is.  She was stymied by the idea of trying to draw something 3D in 2D.  I explained that was the challenge and offered some techniques other artists employ.  Then we started.

She chose a interesting composition for her piece and was pleased with the reults. Froggy's is the one on the right.


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