Cellular Anatomy

While we are still using Ambleside for the majority of our secular subjects, we chose Human Anatomy over their science this year.  We purchased the accompanying notebook and Froggy is using that for guide for her narrations.  Our first topic was cellular anatomy.  Froggy illustrated the structure of the cell as we read about it.

She is so thrilled with the science that we actually struggle to contain the excitement enough that I can read the information to her. 
The best part in her opinion is the projects that are included in the book.  This week's project was making an edible cell to demonstrate cellular anatomy.

 Yellow jello formed the cytoplasm
 Froggy added all of the organelles following the key I provided.  She had a blast deciding how many of each organelle and where they should be placed.
This is what it looked like when she finished adding the organelles 
And here is the unmolded version.  She was so proud of the finished product that she gave an exquite unprompted narration telling him about all the different organelles. I don't know how much she will remember when revisit this in her next cycle but it is amazing watching the joy now.


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