Geography - Old Faithful

This week we added Wyoming, Mississippi, Washington, and Nevada to our map.

Froggy was fascinated by Wyoming and wildness of it. We talked about Yellowstone and glaciers. She has been reading Tonight on the Titanic which helped her understand about glaciers and their size. I explained glaciers as mountains made entirely of ice. I love the concept of Old Faithful and we looked at lots of pictures of it. We read about it both in Wish You Were Here, Emily's Guide to the 50 States and in the Wyoming Sea to Shining Sea book. Yet still I have the feeling that Froggy has no real concept of the power and majesty of it. I hope some day she will get to see it.

She has mapped a bizarre route we must take from our house through Wisconsin and Wyoming to New Mexico. She detailed in length the sights we would see and how important it was to visit the different states.


  1. maybe try finding a video of it from you tube.

  2. These are two places I have always wanted to see. Someday! Thank you for linking up.

  3. I sure hope that you will be able to visit those sights in person. We have them on our list too. Maybe you can try this experiment with Froggy -


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