Menu Planning Monday - Yom Kippur

Even with all the limitations, we managed to make a reasonably festive Rosh HaShana meal.  Ms. G and Abba played soux chef, being my stand ins (literally) for the tasks I could not do.  I talked them through our few more complicated recipes while chopping vegetables and apples lying on the sofa.  The biggest win of the new experiments is the Pomegranate Brisket recipe.  The flavor is absolutely incredible and it is super easy to make.  The meat came out a bit drier than I had hoped so next time I will check it for doneness much soon as well as use a double batch of the sauce.

Monday - Pizza and salad
Prefast meal - Challah, Green Salad, more brisket, Butternut squash, peas, and a storebought dessert
Break- Fast- At a friend's
Thursday - Sukkah Raising - Pulled chicken, tator tots and veggie sticks
Shabbat - Challah, Miso Soup ,Mandu, Salmon, rice, broccoli, and who knows on dessert


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