Birthday Bests

I am not uber-crunchy but I still cannot abide waste. As the Not Quite Crunchy Parent noted earlier this week, it is birthday season again. In our playgroup, we are mostly first time parents of infants and toddlers still building our birthday traditions. The one tradition I knew I wanted before Froggy even became an tadpole was that the birthday cake must be Poppop's Chocolate Chip Banana cake. He would make it for me and my sisters every year growing up. The Froggy may not get to meet Poppop in person but she will learn of my love for him.

Here are some of the ideas being batted around

Take a picture of your child with each guest. Get duplicate prints when getting the film developed. Use one copy as a postcard for the thankyou card.

Request that people only bring gifts they have made - Personally not one of my favorites. While I am inclined to be craftsy I can see this scaring lots of the invitee.

Place all birthday money into a savings account for college - We are doing half of all gift money regardless of occasion.

Take a photograph of the child by the same landmark (mailbox was the suggestion) each year to see the child grow. Not having a mailbox we chose our lightpost.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...and adding to the ideas. I'd LOVE to do only handmade gifts...but, agree, that's leaves out non-crafty people and intimidates those of us who are not-quite crafty! I like the idea of a photo for the thank you card. I actually thought about making a fish cut out from a large box for the kids to stand by.

    Finally, we do take a photo of my son each year at Christmas time - framed in a window. They hang in a multi-photo frame in our hall - what fun! I have heard also of taking a photo in the same outfit every year - use something of yours that she loves and watch her grow into it over the years.


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