Rule of Six

I was inspired by Lissa's Lilting House sidebar what she called "Our Rule of Six: Six Things to Include in Your Child's Day". I rearranged the order and added explainations for the what the rule means to us.

Six Things to Include in Your Child's Day:

prayer - We start and end our day with the Sh'ma. We are trying to add the blessings before meals as well.
imaginative play - free play, time to explore indoors and out.
meaningful work - the froggy's work is play but this is different than the imaginative play. This is guided play where we build her skills and help her grow.
good books - Both free "reading" and being read to and seeing me read for me.
beauty (art, music, nature) - Nature and music are easy for us. We are working to add more art.
ideas to ponder and discuss - I left this one in because I feel it is important. However our conversations are one-sided at this point in time. This is a reminder to me to have those conversations one-sided or not.


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