Today's Lesson - Mi She Berach

This morning during breakfast, we learned that my husband's sister, who is already on super high level chemo, found another lump. Not good news. Froggy was sitting in my lap when I got news and felt my concern. So I took the opportunity to teach Froggy a new prayer - Mi She Berach. She knows her daily prayers - Motzi for meals and Shema at bedtime. I explained to her that Aunt L has a big booboo too big to kiss and make better so we need to ask G-d to help her feel better. And the way we ask G-d for things is through prayer and there is a special prayer called Mi She Berach that we use when we want G-d to help someone feel better. Then we prayed and sang the Debbie Friedman song. Later while swinging at the park, she asked to say MiSheBerach again so "G-d make Auntie L feel better".


  1. Very sweet! I'd love to know the words to that prayer.

  2. Here is a link to the words and the tune that we use.

  3. It doesn't get any better than a praying child. My prayers to Aunt L.


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