Building a Library

We are enormous fans of our local library. It is reasonably close, has an extensive selection of boardbooks and picture books. They have regular programs like story hour as well as special programs at least once a month. We attend story hour each week and come home with lots of books. Froggy knows the all 3 branches of the local library and where to find her books within them.

All of this is a prelude to saying that while libraries are great and people should use them, I am realizing they are not enough. We are starting to purposefully build a educational library for Froggy. A couple of months ago someone offered me a complete set of Junior Science encyclopedia which I snapped up even though Froggy won't even be interested in looking at them for several years. And now we just placed a large holiday order on Amazon of books which either the library does not have or we felt are important that we need to own. We didn't get all we want. We started a list of books to acquire as we can.

Here are some of the ones we ordered as well as those that are top of our list. You may notice a theme of religion and the holidays, mostly because these are the ones not available at the library.
  1. Grampa and Me on Tu B'Shevat
  2. The Littlest Tree
  3. A Seder for Tu B Shevat
  4. Thank You, God!: A Jewish Child's Book of Prayers
  5. The Perfect Prayer
  6. Parenting as a Spiritual Journey


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