Homemade Hanukkah

As a new family (Froggy is still considered new to the family) we are still working on our traditions. One tradition for Hanukkah that came from my family and is not likely to change is that each person receives a present every night. I want to keep this tradition without turning Hanukkah into a bevy of consumerism. So I have decided that atleast one gift each person receives will be handmade and we started that with my husband on the first night.

Every person in the house has their own menorah. This is a tradition from when I was a girl. I have a special pooh bear one and last year my mother got a special musician one for Froggy for her first Hanukkah. My husband has never had a special one, just the generic one that was mine from when I moved away from home. This year Froggy and I made him one out of Fimo. It was lots of fun to do a craft together and now we all have menorahs with meaning. I will try to post a picture of it once we get it off the camera. Despite him walking in while we were working on it we managed to surprise him which is very unusual. I think he really liked it. Candle lighting was kind of funny this year since both he and I got new menorahs as our presents for the night. Since the rule is candle lighting comes before any other Hanukkah activities, we lit generic menorahs and then moved the candles into our new menorahs after opening presents.

Froggy got to light her menorah as well. I lit the shamash for her and then held her hand while she lit the candle for the night just like my mom did for us when we were very little. One of the signs of growing up was being allowed to hold the shamash by yourself and then eventually being allowed to light it yourself.

Tonight we will introduce Froggy to latkes


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