To me part of being a good parent is knowing/understanding your child(ren). This is especially important to me as a first time parent. Each time Froggy enters a new stage of life, I need to relearn her needs and abilities. Right now closure is an important need for her. Only if she can see the end of something or say good bye to something can she let it go and move on successfully. If I neglect to provide her a closure opportunity, it may not show up immediately but the effects are there.

Until now I have not provided a good closure for Shabbat. This had led to some untimely and urgent requests to go to synagogue or make Challah. This week we will add a new ritual to our family’s routine by celebrating Havdalah at home. For our first Havdalah as a family, we will make a special spice box. We will use our regular Shabbat kiddish cup and hold our Havdalah candle in tin foil.


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