I like my daughter in dresses and leggings. It saves me from forever pulling up her pants. It helps keep her belly warm. I could continue listing reasons but I won't. Instead I will complain about my inability to find either the style dress I want at a reasonable price or a pattern to make the dress myself. Best option of all would be finding a pattern for it. You would not think that would be hard but it has been. I ahve checked all the major manufactures I can think of found nothing.

This is a sample of the style
The only company I found that makes just what I am looking for is Hanna Andersson but I cannot abide their prices. I know there must be another source but I have yet to find it and I am getting very frustrated.


  1. See? I read your blog. :)

    On to the subject at hand, though. Have you tried Kushies? Their dresses don't have the buttons, but it's the same style.


    I'll keep my eyes peeled...

  2. Hi there:

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    Hopefully, some of our readers will help you find dresss or patterns.


  3. Hi Michelle! It's Lisa from PWCAPM =) Just seeing your blog...Not sure if you are okay with getting stuff from Ebay, but you can get Hanna clothing there less than retail. My dd lived in Hanna and still does...so well made and worth the money...I was able to get a lot of NWT for less than retail on Ebay =)


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