Our Love Story

Red Robin is having a Valentines Day contest. I decided we need to enter so the spousling wrote the following. Wish us luck!

Once upon a time there were two people who were very much alike. They decided early on that they were so alike they couldn't be involved. But they talked together, traveled together, and spent so much time together that they realized that they couldn't be anything else. On November 25 1994 they made it official. On November 25 2001 they made it legal. And on every day in between and since they've made it work, in good times and bad, in hard times and easy. From Pittsburgh to Brooklyn to New Jersey to Boston to Virginia, home has always been where they both were.


  1. So Sweet! It sounds like you are soul mates!

  2. We are soul-mates and partners in a way I never even dreamed of as a child. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for hosting the Carnival of mothers and daughters.


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