Snow Day!!

We finally got it. A real snow fall and it was perfect timing. I spent many years in Boston and Martin Luther King weekend always means lots of snow. The last year I was there we got 4 feet (yes that is right I said feet).

Today the total did not reach anywhere near that high but we got enough to make two respectably sized snowmen and have some serious snow ball fights. Froggy was delighted with the snow. She is a real rough sort. She had no interest in snowman building other than to note its completion. She wanted snowball fights and nothing but snowballs fights. She was happy with the brief pause in the fighting for trips down a hill-let in her toddler sled. But then is was right back to the snowballs. She would have stayed out until it was ptich-black if she had not gotten caught right in the face with a stray snow ball.


  1. She's adorable, but I confess that it looks far too cold for my tastes. Give me a hot summer day by the pool any time! :-)

    Thanks for participating in this week's Carnival of Family Life, hosted at Diary of 1!!



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