Tu B'Shevat - book review and learning board

Our theme for this week is Tu B'Shevat. We decorated our learning board with a banner that read "Happy birthday trees" across the top. There was a picture of tree and a birthday cake as well as a big banner on the bottom proclaiming "TuB'Shevat". The theme, learning board and book basket are first of our New Years revamp that have been successfully implemented.

This is the first one I can actually say was a success. Froggy has pointed at it and referred to it and talked about it. Using the board, I now that she understands the holiday and some of the traditions associated with it. We will see how it goes as we carry it into our second week and finally celebrate the holiday.

And as we did with Hanukkah, here is my review of our TuB'Shevat books.

The Giving Tree Yes the classic Shel Silverstein book. It sweet and sad with the cute line drawings for which he is known. It was a good tie-in to the conservation aspect of the holiday

A Seder for Tu B Shevat (Tu B'Shevat)- A true hagaddah with stories songs and blessings. We may go back and get multiple copies of this like we have of our Passover haggadot.

Sammy Spider's First Tu B'Shevat- This was our third and final attempt with a Sammy the Spider book. They all stink and I will read no more of them.

It's Tu B'shevat (Very First Board Books)- A nice book with a basic description of the holiday. I would recommend as the introductory book for the standard toddler.

Grandpa and Me on Tu B'Shevat- and last but by no means least - our favorite. It is a sweet sweet story. I like the use of poetry and imagery. Froggy liked the repetition. It is done in the style of "the hole in the bottom of the sea" where each step builds on the previous.

And to add some science / nature study into the mix, we read

A Tree Is a Plant (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science) a well done factual book about how trees grow and live. The language and concepts are simple without being infantile. The drawings are detailed and well labeled. The style address the child and engenders a personal interest in the story.


  1. Did you do a Tu B'Shevat Seder this year? Last year, N. and I made a Seder, and we borrowed from several places on-line for ideas for our own TB "Haggadah." This year, he did one at Machon, and since the holiday was on a Tuesday, we didn't have one of our own.

    There are so many more resources out than when my firstling was little. :)

  2. We did do a seder. I pulled from a couple of sources but mostly used the preform haggadah because Froggy liked the stories and songs in it so much.


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