Happy Groundhog Day

Our theme this past week was Groundhog Day. It went really well. We are getting the hang of this theme idea and I can see it working. We read lots of stories which is our primary means of introducing ideas. I don't know if it is her age, her personality, my teaching style, or some combination there of but concepts stick more when they start in books. We made a ground hog puppet and made its shadow dance on the wall. We went out on of the few sunny days we had recently and found our shadows and played with them. Our park day got rained out so we were not able to do the larger group activities outside I had planned to do with the other children. On Saturday, we woke up and immediately went outside to look for shadows and make our predictions.

The themes are working. I can tell. Froggy told me this week "he [the groundhog] needs to make his prediction". She also saw her shadow while we were out one day and told me "thats my shadow"


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