I live there

Froggy's new favorite game is to show you where all the members of her extended family live. We have a large US map up on the wall in our family room. We recently put thumbtacks in designating each family unit. So now she wants to show you where she lives. She climbs up onto the sofa and then needs help to stand on the back of the sofa to reach her pin. At first her response was "Mommy and Froggy live there" and the question "Where does Daddy live?" was met with a blank look. He has now joined us in living there and she tells him in the most emphatic voice "You live there" She is pretty consistent on being able to answer where she lives with "[city], Virgina" Then we go and touch each pin and talk about who lives at that pin and the name of the city and state and where it is in relation to her and what is like there or when she was there. We only play this game at her request which is plenty often. It is games like this that show my doubting husband that unschooling is possible at least with some children in some situations.


  1. Great idea.

    I like your comment about unschooling. I believe it is true that a child's personality determines if unschooling is a good fit. Some kids, at some points in time are just more structured than others.

    I think with the many choices we have today for schooling we can work with each child and each moment in time to provide the best option.


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