Nest Update

Our poor nestling is no more. We had a young boy over visiting and he knocked the nest over accidentally, spilling and breaking the egg. Even though I did not expect the egg to survive to be a baby and it was probably not viable long before being broken, it was still heart wrenching to see the smattered egg on the patio. A lot of inappropriate comments went through my mind at that moment though none came out thank goodness. Still I am ashamed for even thinking such inappropriate thoughts. I did have a discussion with the boy on nature and being careful about all living things not just people.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. A couple of summers ago there was a nest in the neighbor's tree, and we could see the parent birds bringing food to at least two chicks. Unfortunately, one huge thunderstorm with heavy winds blew through and the next day, the nest was gone. I'm STILL sad about it. Hugs, hon.


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