Passover Book Review

Ok I failed to do a Purim book review because I was waiting till after Purim. I am not going to make that mistake with Passover so here it is. I have even organized them by preference.

Dinosaur on Passover
- A fun silly story that is perfect for a little one who thinks any book is better if it includes dinosaurs. This book came to us courtesy of PJ Library which is a wonderful program that sends a Jewish book once a month to each child based on their age. The first year is free. How can you knock free books? While some have not been big hits, we will probably go ahead, pay the money an renew because it is the best way I have found to find Jewish children's books.

Let My People Go
- This is a PJ title listed for 6yr olds but I saw it on the list and had to have it. It tells the Passover story as a play and is hysterical. So much fun to read. I wish we had enough people (4) in the house to each do a part.

The Matza Man - We checked this one out from the library. It is does not tell the story of Passover or even talk about the rituals. It is just a cute spin off on the Gingerbread Man story. Froggy likes it because the illustrations are cute and the repetitive language is fun.

Pearl's Passover - This is a PJ recommended book for 6-8yr that we checked out from the library. Froggy does not like it because I keep getting engrossed in the recipe or craft that are interspersed with the story. Also there probably are not enough pictures for her taste. Personally though I love the book enough I am considering purchasing it. I expect Froggy will grow to like it too.

The Matzah That Papa Brought Home - We checked this one out from the library as well. I like this one better than Froggy but we both still like it. It goes over the rituals and I especially like that a girl gets to ask the four questions.

The Story of Miriam and Baby Moses - Not technically a Passover book but I picked it up at the JCC's book fair and it ties in nicely. It also is useful to explain Miriam's cup on the Seder table and show that there are women of significance as well.

Passover - Our least favorite. I don't believe we ever actually made it through. If there were no other books out there it would do a fine job but it is boring and teachy more than it needs to be.


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