Apples and Pears and Grapes Oh My

So we are running late this year. We got the sukkah up just in the nick of time and welcomed Sukkot in our sukkah last night but it was a naked sukkah. We lost two of the walls from last year to mice damage in the shed. So the new walls were bare. Today we decorated it. We painted / stamped apples, pears and grapes on the walls. We put a few leaves on the walls but instead of being a pretty fall russet color, they look black. Froggy did much of the stamping all by herself. The mid-height ones we did as a team and the tallest I did by myself. She also stamped her hand print next to the one from last year.

We cut out apples as well to hang but did not get to that. Hopefully tomorrow we will cut out pears and grapes and hang all the fruit.

Hopefully next year we will be added decorations and filling in blank spots rather than starting over. The walls will be stored inside this year after Simchat Torah.


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