Favorite Fall Fun

Being the McLinky Person I am, I discovered this great contest and a great new blog today. She has invited everyone to share their family's favorite Fall activities.

Here are ours.

Every year we go apple picking. It started when we lived in apple country and the orchards were five minutes away. It was so much that it continues now as we try a new orchard each year looking for one that is a reasonable drive yet has quality fruit. We pack a picnic lunch and spend the day in the trees. We try to go before Rosh Hashana so the apples we pick can be on our apples and honey plate for a sweet new year. The next day we make apple sauce. Or more accurately I should say we make our first batch of apple sauce for the year. There is nothing like the flavor of homemade apple sauce. We go through a lot in our household since Froggy loves it and I use it to replace butter / oil in most of my baking.


  1. I love homemade applesauce, my grandmother used to make the BEST fruit sauce. I should really track down a food mill and start making my own.

    Your sukkah looks beautiful. I love the homey, family touches. Perfect for the holiday.

    I'm glad you found me today, and thank you for the link. I'll definitely be back to visit again.

    Chag sameach.

  2. Just made applesauce yesterday. I am finding that JonaGolds are the BEST!! :)

    Here is the link to see what is in the dough enhancer -


    Hope that helps you out!



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