Friday's Finds - Welcome to the World

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Friday's Find. I welcome this carnival with a welcoming book and a giveawy. Everyone who shares their review this month will be entered to win a copy of "Welcome to the World"

Welcome to the World is my find of the week– This is the most touching book of babies and birth I have yet to encounter. From conception through the first year all the joys and trials of parenting are presented in poetry. The poems are collected from authors around the world and each is accompanied by a beautiful photograph. The end notes include a collection of birthing traditions from around the world. This has become a part of the welcome gift I give to every baby to join my circle of family and friends.

An excerpt from my favorite

“Come my son,

to see the reason why you were conceived

to know why you happened,

I will show you the beauty of a breath breathed deep into you

I will show you the world

That is a richness of acres beneath you feet.”


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