Happy Birthday Froggy - Jewish Style

Today is Froggy's birthday according to the Jewish calendar. This morning we sang "Yom Huledet Samayach" to greet her. And this afternoon she will get her first haircut, Upsherin-style. The Upsherin is traditionally for boys only but being the egalitarian family we are off we go. We will say the blessing and both Daddy and I will cut a snip. And tonight at synagogue, she will get to wear her kippah. We will also make a donation to a charity in her name.

The Upsherin typically heralds the start of formal Torah study and it will for Froggy as well. The only "real" school work we are doing this year is My First Parsha Reader. We will be doing the weekly parsha reading in the book and talking about it. My objectives are two-fold; to introduce the stories, laws, information in the Torah and to teach Froggy the process of studying Torah with its cyclic nature. I cannot think of a better way and time to start this then on Simchat Torah, especially since her Jewish birthday is Erev Simchat Torah


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