A High Holiday Review

We welcomed the New Year with so much joy. Froggy is a spirited child which can be a challenge sometimes but also means that she brings more joy to many events than another child would. Since Froggy turns three on Simchat Torah, the traditional age to start religious education, we spent some time learning about the holidays beyond just reading books.

I like crafts and household decorations so one of the things we did was go to a paint-your-own pottery store. We made an apples and honey dish in the colors of our house. It formed the centerpiece on our holiday table and received much use and praise. We made our own cards together and mailed them out.

There is a reason that people have started at this age over time, she was ready this year and absorbed it all like a sponge. At the end of Tashlich, she came to me with a huge grin and said "Mommy my insides are all scrubbed clean now."

Yom Kippur was hard. The services are so long and even the family service is not really kid-friendly by its very nature. I listened to Kol Nidre from the lobby. We did better at the morning service since there was a Childrens' service presented by the synagogue teens. One of the things I really like about our shul is how active and vibrant the post-b'nai mitzvah group is. Neilah was not so bad since Froggy slept through some of it. She woke starving though. Feeding a child that late in the fast is hard work for the momma though. We went out to a small secluded green space so as to not cause trouble for the other congregants. We came back in for the final sounding of the shofar.


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