Would you like Chocolate with that? - Birthday style

Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolate has challenged us to share romantic chocolate. These gifts are not necessarily romantic but they are super special to me.

The first I consider romantic. You be the judge. For my birthday one year, several years after we started dated, my husband gave me a bucket of chocolate fudge. No fudge is not my favorite form of chocolate. No this was not some uber-fancy fudge that made the gift so special. What makes the gift so special is knowing me. "Fudgebuckets" is my expletive of choice when I am frustrated. It has been since I was in middle school. But only my darling wonderful romantic husband would turn that into a gift. I kept that bucket of fudge for many many years sealed just as it was given until it got bumped in a move and started to become a science experiment. I cried when it went into the garbage.

The second is a gift from the past. Tomorrow is Froggy's American birthday and we welcomed it tonight as we welcomed Shabbat. As she blew out the candles on her birthday cake, my Poppop was with us. Her birthday cake tonight, as it has been every year and it was every year for me growing up, was his special recipe chocolate chip banana cake.


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