Friday's Finds - Fairies

As all my loyal readers know I am obsessed with Fairies. Fantasy novels have been my preferred reading genre since I became an independent reader. I am currently reading the latest installment of Laurell Hamilton's Fairy series, Swallowing Darkness. I just started it so I cannot really review it yet. The series as a whole is nice mind candy. It is not a profound thought provoking series. But it is a captivating story which provides a nice escape. As a mom I sure need an escape sometimes.

Yet as much as I love fairies and fairy stories, I cannot stand the insipidness with which most children's books treat fairies. One wonderful exception to this general rule is The Barefoot Book of Fairies. It is an anthology of twelve stories from around the world about realistic fairies. These are classic stories retold in modern language.

One of my favorite is "The Fairies and the Cake Baker." The young mother is a town baker. The fairies, who of course love sweets, come steal the mom away to bake for them in Fairie. The mom uses her wits to stall and finally free herself and her family. Yet even at the end she shows respect to the Fairies and leaves them treats periodically.
I won't give away everything but I do want to share another example with you, "Fairie Mischief". Fairies are some of the most famous mischief makers around. In this story, the fairies share some of their favorite tricks.

This book is a wonderful way to share the timeless joy of classic fairy stories with all ages of children.

Do you have any favorite Fairy books or any book to recommend? Share your favorites here.


  1. You may be interested in the book I just got in the mail today to review. It's called Watchers by W. Lyon Martin. Check it out.


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