Getting it together

I am finally getting my act together as a mom. I had an all day conference today. I hate being gone on Fridays not only because I miss our standing park day date with the other homeschool friends but because it makes Shabbat preparations so hard. Before today if I had to be gone all day on Friday it usually meant a “faked” Shabbat with a store bought Challah and dinner out on the way to shul. Not today. I left the house this morning with challah rising in the fridge, a crockpot meal ready to hit the button and asparagus ready to steam.

I am only starting to get my act together with this organization game called motherhood. If I truly had my act together my menu planning would have reflected my plans for today and included a crockpot meal instead of the planned roast turkey and I would have had dessert prepped as well. We had dinner at home and fresh challah but a store bought dessert. Still I am making progress and proud of it.


  1. Any chance of getting the recipe for homemade challah? I've never been courageous enough to try.

  2. Good job and thanks for posting this! I feel like I am always trying to get my act together. I wrote a post about my "super hero" mom (the one you commented on). Well, I don't think that I mentioned in that post that my mom always spent the day of preparation (Friday) making our house sparkle and shine for the Sabbath and on top of that, we always had a nice big dinner waiting for us that night. I so need to follow in my mom's footsteps, but I have such a struggle and end up going out to eat more times than not on Friday night. Ugh! I did do good last night and made a nice meal and even had my in-law's over, but that seems to be the exception. I am trying too, but man it is hard sometimes to pull it all together!


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