Torah Study Week 2 Review

Now that Froggy is 3, we started Torah Study. We are using My First Parsha Reader. It was the only Parsha study I could find that was geared towards preschoolers. The language is more silted than regular books or even the bible story books we have. It took some convincing initially to get Froggy to sit for the reading but we persevered. My goal is to read each parsha at least three times. So far we have made that. The questions at the end of the parsha have not been useful thus far. I think they may prove more engaging and relevant when we do the series again next year. We have delved deeper. For instance, in Noach, there is no mention of the rainbow. As well, with Babel we talked about how bad ideas sometimes get a hold and crowd out the good ideas and how we have to help make sure the good ideas get heard.

After completing two full weeks, I am finally starting to see results. Only now is Froggy starting to ask about the stories. And what does she ask about, not Lech Lecha but Beraishit. She asks about Cain fighting with Abel. And about G-d punishing him.

With Lech Lecha, we start something new. We are creating a Hebrew word book. I had no intention of teaching Hebrew yet but since each parsha uses so many Hebrew words, I am without meaning to. Why not make it meaningful?


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