WFMW - Immersion Blender

I try to keep my kitchen as basic as possible. There are not many gadgets I use or store. I keep cleaning out my cabinets to get rid of more and more of them.

One of the tools that makes this possible is my immersion blender. I ave the Kitchenaid brand. When my old one broke, someone gave me a different brand as a replacement. I used it one time then went out and bought another Kitchenaid. I do not use my stand blender at all thanks to my immersion blender.

This is the time of year when my stick as a I call it gets a real work out. I use it to make all my applesauce. This year we put up 45 jars of applesauce. I also use it when making mashed potatoes, squash, and soup. I found a new use as well. I made my own pumpkin this year. I roasted it and then pureed it with my stick. Viola. No more need for canned pumpkin.

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  1. My husband gave me this Kitchenaid immersion blender this year and I love it for making baby food!

  2. I use mine (not Kitchenaid) to blend up soups, canned tomatoes for sauce, etc. Wouldn't want the kids to come across any chunks, you know! I haven't figured out how to not get splashed or splattered a couple times though.

  3. My stick blender is my most used appliance. Mine has a little chopping attatchment and I -love- it.


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