I know that eating breakfast is a healthy way to start the day. I am just not very good at it. One of my goals for the new year is to try to be better about it. So far this week, I have sat down at the table and eaten a real breakfast (not just a cup of coffee - my standard breakfast) with Froggy both days. Not only are we eating breakfast together but this has become our "school" time as well. Right now, we do so little real school that it is easy to do during the meal. We read our parsha, talk about it and then do writing. We are making a rainbow letter of the week. I am also going to add in counting with a Hundred Chart as a way to do a bit of math prior to receiving my Singapore Curriculum.

But now I am out of breakfast foods and need to experiment. We can't do cereal and milk because it is gross with soy milk. I could do yogurt but I don't happen to have any plain yogurt on hand and Froggy's snack containers are too sweet for me to start the day.

Today I am making homemade granola and tomorrow (New Years Day) we will all have Granola Breakfast Bake together. Todays breakfast is Baked Oatmeal. I am going to make half the recipe in an 8x8 pan.


  1. Our breakfasts are really busy trying to get everyone out the door and at least one of us is not happy about starting the day. I usually make a large batch of muffins and freeze them. I also like to use the wafle maker, make a big batch and freeze between layers wax/parchment paper. When you take them out, zap them in the microwave for about 30 seconds then in the toaster.


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