I have never been so conflicted about our plans to homeschool Froggy. Saturday night, I took a tour of the local Jewish Day School (assuming by local you mean 30-40 minutes away). It is a K-8 School with only 144 students total. The director took me on a tour and it was amazing.

I have no doubt I can give my daughter an excellent secular education better than even a private school. I doubt my ability to give her a good Jewish education. At this school the children learn the morning service by the middle of first grade. I don't know it now. How can I teach it to her? I posed that question to some other Jewish homeschooling moms and they came back with some great answers.

The first and most common answer was to start attending a daily minyan with her. I cannot functionally do that. Our shul is 30 minutes away and does not even offer daily services. There were also many suggestions on how I can learn with her so that we can do morning services here at home. I think that is the path we will take for now. I have ordered this book so that we can both start to learn together.


  1. Hi, I attend the same synagogue and unschool my 2 children. They attend religious school there and are getting an excellent foundation. It may be another option to consider. That book you posted the link for looks great, too! If you have any questions, you can feel feel free to email me (remove spaces) at: this is beth 72 @



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