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Tamora Pierce has released a new novella, Melting Stones. It was originally released as an audiobook. According to the press release, this is the first time a prominent author has ever chosen to release the audio version first. The book was written to be performed, with specific actors in mind. The only differences between the audio version and the print version are attributes like "he said" or "she said".

The story itself is a continuation of adventures begun in Street Magic, part Circle of Magic reforged series. You do not need to have read any of the prior books to be able to follow the story. Unlike other novels in the series, there is a large jump in time between these books during which life happens that is not written about but shapes the characters.

Evvy, a fourteen year old rock mage, goes with her guardian Rosethorn to a "battle island" where the plants are dying off. She is supposedly along for the ride, a reluctant observer. Yet, as all who are familiar with Tamora Pierce expect, she with the help of Luvo, the living heart of a mountain, discovers that volcanic spirits plan to erupt. How Luvo came to be with Evvy is part of the life happenings that are not written. That is a story I would like to hear.

This is a novella, not a novel, shorter than most of Pierce's books. It is written for young adults. Publishers Weekly lists the age as ten and up. I personally would be willing to let my child read it as soon as they were interested and capable. We will almost certainly try the audio version in pieces during car drives a couple of years from now.

To me, all of Tamora Pierces books are timeless and can be read over and over again. I will admit a little secret here though. I don't know if I have seen the words to any of the latest six or so. In our house these books are special and saved for "story time" when Daddy reads them aloud. There is much much grumbling each night when he stops because it is hard to let go of such engaging characters.

Do you have a book you love? Share your favorite finds here.


  1. Haven't seen the novella yet, but we borrowed the audiobook from the library. Very well done. My 9 yr old didn't seem as interested, but he has since started reading the series. Street Magic is his favorite so far because of Briar and Rosethorn.


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