Soupy Goodness

What with coming home to an empty fridge and not having any activities scheduled, today is a cooking experiment day. Yesterday I soaked both navy beans and red kidney beans in preparation for making Pasta Fagoli. We even had pasta for dinner last night so I would have leftover to put in the soup.

So today I cooked the beans. The kidney beans turned out great. The navy beans are bit crunchier than I would prefer. I set aside the needed amounts for the soup and froze the rest. The kidney beans will go into chili later this week. I am still not sure what I will do with the navy beans. Probably they will gradually go into soups.

And on to the soup. I sauted onion and carrot (about a cup of each) until just tender and then poured in the broth. I used purchased organic chicken and vegetable broth because I had them on had. I really need to make own broth both as a cost savings but more importantly to cut down on the salt. The soup as it stands is too salty for my preferences and I put not a drop in deliberately. I also added 1 large can petite diced tomatoes. These are the same tomatoes I use for my spagetti sauce once we run out of those I put up during the season. Except here I used the liquid as well. Bring all that to a boil and add seasonings. I added dried oregano, pepper, and fresh basil. Toss in the beans (1 cup each).

Here is where I totally deviated from pasta fagoli. I didn't realize that the recipe was supposed to use uncooked pasta. I did not want that much pasta in the soup at all. But to just leave it out would leave the soup much too brothy (I know not a real word but you get the idea). So I improvised. I added a packet of leftover rice from my freezer and simmered for about 30 minutes.

Yummy soupy goodness with no name.


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