Friday Finds - Daddy Island

I just found out that one of my favorite books for Daddy to share with the little one is no longer being printed. Daddy Island was the top gift for Fathers Day among the crowd around here. It is currently on sale and when it is gone, it is gone. Barefoot Books claims that in Daddy Island, "Philip Wells celebrates father and son in enchanting verses that will delight and lull the most wild of wild things as they prepare for bed". I believe that it is can and is a celebration of fatherhood with any and all children.

"The power of a little boy's imagination as he plays around on his daddy's body is the premise of this superb rhymed tale for the four-and-under crowd. Daly's exuberant pictures show the child dancing, sleeping, and roughhousing with a parent who clearly revels n the relationship between physical play and imaginative reality." - NAPRA Review

In this wonderful poetic book, the child fantasizes about all the different kinds of games he can play with his daddy. "I am a rock on Daddy Island/I can stay very very still./Still as a mountain, still as a hill./Strong and steady, steady and still./I am a rock and I'm stiller than still." The illustrations have their own fantasy like quality. Every child will be able to find something to relate to in the child's antics and every daddy will see the worship of his own child reflected in the text.

What are your favorite celebrations of parenthood?


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